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Why become an IHMA member 

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IHMA offers a wide range of benefits to its members. Some of these are provided free of charge whilst others are offered at discounted rates.

Members’ forum
The members’ area of the Association’s website hosts an on-line forum where members can exchange information quickly and benefit from the knowledge and experience of other members. When a member posts a question, an alert email is sent to all members requesting a response. Posting an answer is quick and easy.

Biennial Congress
The IHMA Congress, held every two years, offers a conference programme that presents quality professional papers on topical issues of direct relevance to harbour masters. Congress provides a unique opportunity for members from around the world to discuss subjects of mutual concern and interest. Congress is supported by an exhibition of the latest port and harbour equipment and services.

Members are eligible for discounted Congress and Seminar fees.

Professional development
International Diploma for Harbour Masters - IHMA discount and bursary. Members are eligible for a 15% discount on the cost of the International Diploma for Harbour Masters run by IBC Academy. In addition, members are invited to apply for bursaries awarded by IHMA.

Members are able to participate in cutting edge research and the development of projects of direct relevance to harbour masters. This may be in partnership with other organisations such as PIANC and The Nautical Institute.

IMO, IHO and other projects
IHMA has observer status at IMO and IHO. Reports of the proceedings of IMO Committees are circulated to members and made available in the members’ only section of the website together with selected documents of interest to members.

Members are able to participate in IMO Working Groups and Correspondence Groups.

IHMA works to develop information and resources for its members, and the Association supports the participation of its members in these efforts in order to ensure that relevant information is developed and made available to members.

Access to the IHMA’s Council
Members of IHMA’s Council are keen to engage with and offer support to members.

Access to the Secretariat
The Secretary is available to provide advice and information to all members.

Free job advertisements
Members may advertise harbour master and deputy harbour master posts free of charge on the IHMA’s website.


The IHMA values a good relationship with companies developing products and services that may assist full members in the performance of their professional duties. Commercial members are entitled to;
  • Access members’ name, address lists and members’ profiles
  • Attending Congress & seminars at members’ prices
  • Congress papers and presentations
  • Priority booking of stands at IHMA events at reduced costs
  • Provide speakers at IHMA Congresses and meetings, subject to the assessment of the Papers’ Committee
  • Become a sponsor of the Association
  • Advertise on the Association’s website at discounted rates
  • Receive assistance from the Association when submitting new equipment and products for evaluation and appraisal by Association members
  • Be permitted to display on their stationery the current and official logo of the IHMA.

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