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Who can be a member 

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The Association offers Full, Associate, Senior, Commercial and Honorary membership. Senior members must previously have been Full members, and Honorary members are elected by the members.

Membership of IHMA currently consists of the following categories, with full details being stated in the Constitution.

Full members
These members comprise the majority of the Association’s membership.

IHMA seeks to be inclusive of those who manage the marine operations of a port and / or its approaches. A sample of the different titles of existing Full members is contained in the introduction to the Association’s Constitution. Persons who hold a managerial position in marine operations and exercise jurisdiction over the frontage or water area of a port or port approach are eligible to become full members of IHMA. In undertaking their role they often possess an authority conferred on them by law, regulations or rules.

Someone meeting the criteria above may also become a full member by being nominated to membership of IHMA by a National Administration.

Senior members
These members are drawn from the ranks of the Full members, usually when vacating a post that qualified them for Full membership or on retirement. A Senior member must previously have been a Full member for at least three years.

Associate members
Those who are not in a post qualifying them for Full membership but who consider that they can support the aim and objectives of IHMA may apply for Associate membership.

Commercial members
Persons, organisations, companies and any other bodies however constituted that provide goods or services for reward in ways that assist full members in the performance of their professional duties or wish to support IHMA in the attainment of its aim and objectives are eligible to become commercial members.

Honorary members
Honorary Membership, which is a lifetime award, is reserved for persons who are not ordinarily eligible to become members of the Association and may be offered to anyone who has rendered meritorious service in the field of port, harbour or marine operations or to the Association.

Membership category changes
Changes to membership categories may be made as a result of a Resolution to change the Constitution, if approved at a biennial Ordinary General Meeting (OGM). These meetings normally occur in May in even numbered years and are in conjunction with the Association’s biennial Congress. It is, therefore, worth checking the website shortly after a Congress to see what changes may have been made to the Constitution.
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