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Harbour Masters require a variety of skills as well as specialised knowledge and understanding. Traditionally Harbour Masters have a marine background and have usually served in a senior capacity at sea. Many have a STCW Master’s certificate of competency and many have served as master of a ship. Further, Harbour Masters may also develop skills around the management of personnel, environmental management, business development and others as part of their continuous professional development.

Harbour Masters will also be involved in monitoring the training and qualifications of their employees and other service providers in the port, and play a vital role in developing the next generation of port professionals including their deputies.
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When a port authority or harbour board makes the key appointment of a Harbour Master, the criteria in terms of personal specification and qualifications is very much the decision of the authority concerned. It will be based on what they believe to be an appropriate and acceptable suite of skills and qualifications for their particular port. This may vary greatly; the Harbour Master of a small leisure-only port may require a different set of skills from those required by the Harbour Master of a very large commercial port. It is however, most advisable, that any prospective Harbour Master applying for a post should, apart from the nautical skills required, gain a qualification in either business or management skills.
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