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"The Harbour Master as information manager" 
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The safety and efficiency of the maritime transport industry is dependent on the exchange of information. With the rapid advance of satellite and electronic communications, ‘port community systems’ operated by a variety of organizations that make up a seaport community will see enhanced electronic links between all parties involved in port activities including customs, port authorities, coastguard and others, as well as between the ship and port authority.

The Harbour Master plays a vital role in this system and increasingly may find him or herself taking on the role of an information manager at the interface between ship and shore-based operations. With increasing frequency, ships can log onto port and terminal websites, feeding into electronic reporting systems and may plan a port visit whilst still at sea.
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Nautical Port Information
Port Community Systems
For many reasons, nautical port information is of great importance to masters, shipping lines, trading floors, agents and publishers of such information. Why is this information important and what is it used for?
Good nautical port information is the foundation of safe, efficient port use in the most environmentally sensitive and collaborative manner. Good quality information and data means that all information is consistent, accurate, up to date, complete and most importantly, is based on a port industry standard. By improving the information within the supply chain, trading partners will improve safety, reduce costs, improve productivity and accelerate product access to the market.
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