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Local community 

"A happy marriage of port, leisure users and city" 
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Ports, as with all businesses, are expected to engage with their stakeholders in an open and honest manner. The environment in which Harbour Masters find themselves requires them to interact with the wider community. Although Harbour Masters may have the final say –a decision that may be determined by statute or regulation- they will certainly consider the requirements or concerns of the community on the use of the port’s navigable area.

It is not only commercial vessels that make use of a port. There are recreational fisherman, diving clubs, rowing clubs, tour boat operators, visiting yachtsmen and power boats, marina operators and many more. Inevitably conflict may arise between different activities and the Harbour Master has an important role in engaging with interest groups, resolving these issues and ensuring the safety of all harbour users.
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Local community
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ESPO Code of Practice on societal integration of ports
The erosion of public support for seaports has only recently been recognised as an issue that needs
attention from port management. Embracing co-habitation and dialogue with cities and local
communities is for many port authorities still a difficult learning process since it often seems to be a
distraction from the traditional engineering culture and commercial rationale of port operations.
Societal integration is nevertheless a perfect task for port authorities.
Source: ESPO   Date: May 2010
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