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Missing Link film 

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Missing Link
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The Missing Link;Improving the mooring process’

The mooring process appeared to be the forgotten link in the nautical chain. This became evident during the making of the EHMC Video the Chain.
This safe mooring video shows the entire mooring process, from the production of a mooring line up to the vessel coming alongside, from the basic rules for a mooring plan to safe working loads and maximum holding capacities.

Mooring activities are a concern because of the number of accidents, the diminishing nautical skills on board ships and at terminals and the apparent lack of knowledge of all the components that affect safe mooring.
The aim of this film is to make the mooring process safer and more efficient and to prevent damage to terminal equipment and vessels. This is important to crews, linesmen, pilots, ship owners, ship masters, ports, Harbour Masters and terminal operators.

The video “The Missing Link” addresses the importance of efficient mooring operations and notably the following topics of the mooring process:
Mooring plan basics – all basic rules for a mooring plan
Mooring system weakest link – which part of the mooring system should break first?
Mooring lines – certificates, inspection and maintenance
Mooring winches – maximum holding capacity, brake testing, spring applied brakes
Mooring bollards – Safe Working Load, information
Mooring hooks – Quick Release Hooks, information
Mooring communication – who informs who regarding the mooring plan etc.
Mooring line handling – how should we pay out lines?
Mooring innovations – what innovations are around the corner or already in place?

The Missing Link is an initiative of Ben van Scherpenzeel for the European Harbour Masters’ Committee who you may want to contact for any comments or questions; A copy of the video can be obtained from Ingrid Römers;
EHMC Tanger Seminar 2017
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